The ASI-Institute (ASI-I) is ASI's competency building division. Its focus is on enabling clients to develop a sustainable advantage from recharging, rethinking, and refining their knowledge, skills and abilities through talent development. Teams of skilled air transportation industry specialists, organizational psychologists and educational technologists offer a range of services:

  • Best-in-class competency building needs assessment (airport check-up);
  • Classroom-based and online blended learning;
  • Work-based coaching and mentoring;
  • Collaborative learning strategies. 

The ASI-I offers the Airport Management Competency Assessment Test (AMCAT), which is designed to determine the professional development requirements of airport managers. AMCAT is a comprehensive testing system based on over a decade of extensive empirical research developed by a team of airport subject matter experts, organizational psychologists and educational technologists.

Another ASI-I solution is the groundbreaking, team-building simulation training system, Aerodrome-X. It enhances the learning experience via gaming features that apply potential emergency or terrorism situations to an airport's day-to-day operations. It creates a strikingly realistic environment for testing and validating procedures and processes. Teams work together as they would in a real life context, but the only consequences are virtual.