ASSESSMENT via an Airport Check-Up allows for a rapid, objective, structured review performed by a independent team of qualified ASI experts  on-site to assess work area outputs via a proprietary tool box to identify areas that require performance improvements at an airport. The team would typically produce a tailored report that is benchmarked against ICAO SARPs, national requirements and world best practices and also recommend an action plan and timeline that may include tailored competency building and mentoring programs.

WHEN to have an Airport Check-Up: It is particularly valuable for a new executive or management team to obtain quickly a snapshot of its existing airport operations; an airport that appears to be underperforming compared to peer airports; plans for significant new facilities; preparing an airport for a national, international security or safety inspection.

PROVEN BENEFITS of an Airport Check-Up: Significant increase in commercial revenues; reduction in operating costs; identification of potential safety or security risk areas; successful preparation for certification and capital program cost reduction. 

Airport Check-Up may be requested for:

  • Commercial Facilities and Revenues
  • Competency Building
  • Infrastructure Capacity and Design
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Practices and Systems
  • Operations
  • Passenger Experience
  • Public-Private Partnership Potential
  • Safety
  • Security