Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne
Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne Senior Associate, Air Law and Policy
Dr. Mohammed Aziz
Dr. Mohammed Aziz Senior Practice Executive, Air Transportation Security and Airline Safety
Paul Behnke
Paul Behnke Senior Associate, Knowledge and Industry Intelligence
Denis Chagnon Senior Associate, Corporate Communications
Stéphane Chennec
Stéphane Chennec Senior Associate, Media and Passenger Experience
Gilles Filiatreault
Gilles Filiatreault Senior Associate, Airline Management
Richard Fisher
Richard Fisher Senior Associate, Air Transport Economics and Forecast
Juergen Koelle
Juergen Koelle Senior Associate, Air Transport Industry Strategies and Systems
Jean Claude Gourgon Senior Associate, Airport Facilities Management
Isabelle Lelieur Senior Associate, Aviation Business Law and Strategy
François Martel
François Martel Senior Associate, Airport Commercial Planning and Management
Brahim Lakhlifi
Brahim Lakhlifi Senior Associate, Airport Security & Management


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